Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Meet the Staff: Amy Bare


Title:  Human Resources & IT Associate 

Hometown:  Abingdon, VA

Years Working for Origin: 4 months

Favorite Hobby:  Reading and spending time with my wife and our two yorkies, Wrigley (13 years old) and Oliver (6 years old), and our newest addition, Reiki, who’s an 8-week-old golden retriever.  


1.   What drew you to Origin SC originally? And how has the organization changed since? 

As a graduate student pursuing my Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, I was seeking opportunities for an internship this past summer and hoped to join an organization whose values and commitment to community aligned with my own.  For me, it was and remains important to be a part of a mission that is centered in the promotion of equity, fairness, and stability where individuals and families are empowered through strength-based services such as advocacy, counseling, and education.


2.   What has surprised you the most about working at Origin SC?

I don’t know that I was necessarily surprised, but I have certainly been invigorated by the dedication and commitment of our staff to the mission of our organization and most importantly, by the intense effort they give on behalf of our clients.  It is both refreshing and inspiring to work with a group of compassionate professionals who recognize that the relationships we build with our clients are as important to our success as the services we offer.  


3.   What is an experience that has really shaped who you are?

There have been several life experiences and thankfully, many amazing and inspiring people along my path that have certainly influenced who I am today.  I would have to say though, that it was my own personal journey of coming out that has shaped me the most. The reason for that is because mine was also a journey of self-acceptance and it was something only I could do for myself. Coming out is a very personal decision and the process is different for everyone. Ultimately, what guided my decision to come out was my own personal desire for authenticity and integrity. By that, I simply mean, I wanted to experience the realness of life openly, honestly, and in congruence with my own personal values and beliefs. That decision, by far, has made all the difference in my life and has provided me with a sense of purpose and wholeness that I may have never experienced otherwise. Personal challenges help make life interesting. Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. I’m grateful for this journey.  


4.    How has Origin SC helped you in your career development?

My own lived experience has instilled in me both a personal and professional commitment to counseling, advocacy, and community outreach initiatives that serve to encourage and advance equality, diversity, and inclusion. Working at Origin SC has provided me with a unique opportunity to do exactly that while building trusted partnerships with other community organizations with a shared purpose of helping individuals and families throughout the Lowcountry area.


5.    What is one thing that you are most proud of?  

I am most proud of my decision to go back to school to earn my master’s degree after having spent 23 years in a completely different career field.  That decision is what eventually brought me here to Origin SC where I am reminded daily of the kindness, compassion, and empathy that not only still exists, but shows up every day engaged and determined to create a positive impact in the everyday lives of real people and their families.

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