Friday, October 16, 2020

October: Financial Planning Month

October is Financial Planning Month and it’s a great reminder for us to keep our spending in check and to prepare a budget before the upcoming holiday season. We have compiled some tips and other resources to help get you started.

Before you start it is important to have a defined goal as the first step. 

You can ask yourself: 

·       What are your goals? How are you tracking your goals? Who is helping you reach your goals?

These 5 Tips can help put you in the right direction:

·      Create a budget. Review previous monthly bank statements and cut expenses where you can. Eating out, monthly memberships, and drive-thru coffees add up over time!

·      Start saving. A little put away here and there also adds up over time! Keep that pocket change and cutting back on expenses goes a long way. Transfer over a portion of each paycheck when possible to your savings and watch it grow! We like to call this “paying yourself.” Do something nice for your future self.

·      Pay bills on time. When bills are not paid on time, late fees and penalties result in extra costs and can lower your credit score. 

·      Consolidate debt. Carrying a never-ending balance across many accounts can be challenging to manage. Our Debt Management program develops consolidated payment  plans that include lower interest rates and monthly payments which are made directly to our office and distributed appropriately to the creditors on the behalf of the client.

·      See a financial planner (at Origin SC). We can help you with our goals and set you on the path to success. We offer many resources, such as FREE workshops to help improve your credit and make ends meet ! Origin SC also has a Financial Coaching programWe provide education in developing and balancing your budget and managing your money to make the most of every paycheck. You will work to develop a simple budget that accommodates your unique financial situation and lifestyle. 

Written by: Allie Ryan