Tuesday, October 11, 2016

No Longer a Victim: Homelessness to Homeownership

Origin SC's Family Violence Intervention department exists to show those affected by domestic violence that they are not alone. We had another heartwarming success story come out of our program due to the support of the National Fair Housing Alliance (NFHA). Our homeless prevention program manager assisted a domestic violence victim to find a place of her own. “Maggie” had three small children and nowhere to go after leaving her abuser. Origin SC located a nice, affordable three-bedroom home for Maggie and her kids. Thanks to the NFHA funds, we paid for Maggie’s rental deposit and first month of rent, giving her family a stable foundation as they work toward a better, safer, and brighter future.

The National Fair Housing Alliance offers forgivable grants to eligible individuals and families. Recipients must have a viable budget going forward and must complete a series of financial education courses.

Origin SC is very happy to have this funding and to be able to provide our clients affected by domestic violence further assistance and guidance toward total stability. Through our array of programs, our organization is able to provide a holistic help to our clients rather than single issue-based assistance.

Our violence prevention workshops and individual counseling help both victims and perpetrators get on a path toward stability. Each client is seen for an individual, prescriptive assessment and is then given a personalized treatment plan. Our programs include:
A 16-week anger management program
A 26-week batterers intervention program
A 16-week domestic violence victims empowerment program
Individual and family counseling

Here is what some clients have said about our Family Violence Intervention department:

“I feel empowered after the classes and feel stronger in my ability to make good decisions for myself and children.  The financial ‘Making Ends Meet’ class was extremely helpful in getting my finances in order.  I plan to learn how to take back control of my own finances.”

“I ended up in this class because I was not setting boundaries for myself.  I was accepting less than I deserve, and I let someone close to me manipulate me into thinking that I would be nothing without them.  But because of this class, I have the knowledge and communication skills to move on with my life.  Deep down I knew I deserved to be respected and loved, I just needed a push.  Now I am happier than I have been in years.”

“I’ve realized that I don’t need anyone in my life who doesn’t respect me, my feelings, my children, and my home.  Going through these classes was very helpful with me being able to learn the effects it has on my children and also being able to know the early signs of domestic violence will help me in the long run.  In the future, I’ll prevent getting to this place again by placing my own self-worth above anything and making sure my children are safe and loved.”

“I feel I really needed this to know I am someone again.  And that I will no longer be a victim of abuse.  Thanks to these sessions and all of the information taught.”

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