Friday, September 9, 2016

Fact or Fiction

You can receive unemployment benefits if you get fired. Fact

In most states, you are eligible to receive unemployment benefits even if you get fired. The only reason you would be ineligible is if you were fired for intentional or reckless misconduct. Always be sure to file for unemployment immediately after you lose your job because it can take some time for you to start receiving benefits.

Your credit report cannot be a determinant during the hiring process. Fiction

In most states, your credit report can in fact be used during the hiring process to determine your eligibility. However, the employer does need your permission to run a credit check, so make sure you understand your rights before you sign the consent form.

When times are tough, take the first job offer you get. Fact and Fiction

Job-hunting can be tough, especially if you are unemployed or facing financial hardships. You may feel more inclined to accept the first offer that comes along, but it is important to explore other options and consider the intangibles before you commit. If you decide that you need the job right away, understand the risks and create a career plan to help you transition into your desired position. 

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