Tuesday, November 1, 2016

One Less Homeless Vet: Mission Accomplished

Here at Origin SC, we help hundreds of veterans each year who either need homes or need assistance in keeping the housing that they have. One of our most beloved stories from our One Less Homeless Vet program is “Don”. Don is 68 years old, and he served during the Vietnam War. He suffered from macular degeneration, a disease that causes an individual to gradually become blind. As he slowly lost his sight, he was not able to keep up with his neighborhood homeowner’s association obligations. Although Don was current on his monthly mortgage payments, he did not realize that his HOA dues had gone unpaid for nearly eight years.

Don’s HOA filed foreclosure with a remaining debt of $35,600 due to excessive fees, administrative costs, etc. At the foreclosure hearing, the judge was outraged with the excessive administrative and attorney fees, so he made the default equal to $5,000 for Don. Since the veteran lived in Charleston, Origin SC was able to provide a National Fair Housing Alliance (NFHA) grant of $5,000, and the foreclosure was dismissed. Upon attending an income verification session with Origin SC, it was determined that both the HOA dues and monthly mortgage payments were affordable for Don. Thanks to NFHA assistance, Don is able to keep up with his payments and stay in the home that he has loved for years.

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