Friday, November 4, 2011

South Carolinians Are Getting Out of Debt with Help From Family Services, Inc.

Individuals and families should be advised that there is help available to clean up personal financial wreckage fueled by the recession. Michaele Pena, Director of Family Services, Inc’s Consumer Credit Counseling Services encourages consumers to be proactive and seek free credit counseling. Family Services, Inc.’s Debt Management Program is designed to help reduce high interest rates and set up a payment plan to pay back unsecured debt. There is no minimum debt that is required to participate in the program, “You do not have to be in a delinquent status to explore the debt management program or enroll,” advises Pena, “Get help early rather than later. One of our licensed financial counselors will work with you and outline options that may help you improve your financial situation.”

Family Services, Inc.’s Debt Management Program works to help credit burdened consumers pay off their unsecured debt within five years and receive free financial literacy education. Consumers are invited to attend free counseling over the phone or in person to learn where their money is spent unnecessarily, develop a personal budget that they can live with, how to take the initial steps towards improving their credit by paying their monthly bills in a timely/consistent manner, and determine if they qualify for the Debt Management Program. In 2011’s third quarter, 9 previously credit burdened individuals successfully completed Family Services, Inc.’s Debt Management Program and collectively paid back $223,176 while they were enrolled in the program. Year to date, 45 credit burdened individuals successfully completed the program and collectively paying back $1,241,499; an average of $27,588.

“Clients who successfully complete the program are always very thankful for our help. The debt management program provides an alternative to filing bankruptcy.” Pena states, “I am quick to remind our clients that they did the hard work, with guidance and encouragement from their counselor and the Debt Management Program staff. Graduates of the Debt Management Program prove that financial hardships can be turned around to the positive. It takes dedication to live within your means financially and following the program to be debt free from all unsecured debts.” For information on how you may benefit from Family Services, Inc.’s Debt Management Program contact Michaela Pena at 843735.7840 or visit www.fsisc.org

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