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ORIGIN SC November 2017 Newsletter

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Origin SC

November 2017

Finding Your Home, The Origin Way

We interviewed our client Ms. Amanda Nadel about her recent success story with Origin SC. 

Q: What was your first experience with Origin SC? 
A: The First Time Homebuyer Workshop is the first experience I had with Origin SC from a personal perspective. It was an amazing experience. I've known about Origin SC and the amazing services they provide from my professional experiences working in the community. 

Q: Was the "Origin Way" of buying a home effective?  Was it helpful to have all services available in-house?
A: The "Origin Way" was extremely effective for me. I'm a single parent, work full time, and attend school part time. I never feel like I have enough time to do much of anything outside of that. The idea of homeownership seemed way too daunting for me in the beginning. I truly thought that homeownership would be many years down the road for me, if ever. Having all of the services available in-house was incredibly helpful for me. I really had no idea what I was getting myself into. I worked with Debbie Kidd and she helped me to understand every step of the process. She conducted a class that I think every potential homeowner should attend. At this point in my life, I wouldn't have been able to handle the stress of buying my first home if i didn't go through Origin SC. I am truly grateful for this experience. 

Q: What would you say to a person that is thinking about buying a home?
A: I would tell them they should do it! My mortgage is cheaper than my rent was and it's mine. It's money back into my pocket. It's the best decision I've ever made when it comes to spending my money. I would also highly recommend that everyone look into Origin SC if they are interested in purchasing a home. I have watched friends who go through the process on their own and it seems to be way more stressful that way. I appreciated being able to rely on Origin SC to not only help me through the process, but also for explaining everything to me as it happened. 

Q: Do you have any other comments?
A: Becoming a homeowner has changed the course of mine and my child's life. I always felt like I was barely treading above water and this decision has not only provided me with better financial stability, but it has also given me better self-esteem. I am so grateful for my experience with Origin SC and I hope that more people look into the amazing programs that Origin SC offers to our community. 

When buying her home the "Origin Way," Ms. Nadel put
 ZERO money down AND received money back at closing too!

For Realty services contact Debbie Kidd at 843-276-8744 or email dkidd@originsc.org

Experience an Origin SC Workshop for Yourself!

 November 18- First Time Home Buyer Workshop ($49)
November 25- Intro to Homeownership (Berkeley Prosperity Center) (FREE!)

*Workshops are not held in the month of December*

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Borrower Lending Support Services with 
Making the decision to become a homeowner is very exciting, yet can feel intimidating.  We are here to help.  Our Borrower Lending Support Services are designed to ease the overwhelming times by answering your questions and concerns.  We will help you navigate through each step in the mortgage application process.  Our hands-on approach has been proven to reduce the time a lender may need to close your loan.  We have the experience and ability to understand your lender's requests and assist you in your responses to them efficiently and accurately to help keep your loan on track.

There is a $750 Document Preparation fee associated with this service that will show up on your Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure under "Services You Can Shop For".  This fee is only paid when your loan closes, and, in most cases, this fee is covered by the seller's contribution to your loan. Enrollment in this service is entirely voluntary and there is no restriction to which lender you choose when utilizing this service.  You are not required to use any other of our services in conjunction with this service.

For more information about Origin Lending contact Stephanie Reed, MLO #934045, Director of Lending Services at 843-735-7810 or sreed@originsc.org.

Origin SC NMLS #: 377117

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