Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Debt Free In Five Years Or Less: How Did They Do It?

 Debt Management Program Client Success Stories

Have you imagined how different your life could be without the burden of debt affecting your mental, emotional, & physical well being? Origin’s Debt Management Program may be the answer you have been looking for. To find out more information on the program, click here

Below are real testimonials from clients that recently graduated Origin’s Debt Management Program. They speak about their experience in the program and how their life has changed because of it. All names have been changed to respect their privacy.

Ben's Story

Ben told us that he first contacted Origin because he was in so much debt he was considering filing for Bankruptcy as a solution to fix his financial situation. “I needed to do something about my debt problem. I myself was up against a wall and on the verge of bankruptcy until I decided to do a little more research into debt repayment programs that don't damage your credit like bankruptcy does.” Working with Origin, Ben learned that “there is an alternative to bankruptcy that can save a lot of money and embarrassment.”

“I've learned a lot about managing debt and how it is possible to go debt free. It isn't always easy, but if you stay determined and stick to a plan you know will work, it will reward you beyond imagination.”

 He says managing his financial situation and debt has changed his life for the better. "I've gained a lot of hope in knowing that I can crawl out from under the mountain of debt that I amassed over several years. This has opened up opportunities I would have not otherwise had and given me a new lease on life and a new sense of freedom, not only financially, but with my career.”

His direct advice to anyone looking for help with managing their debt is, “I would highly recommend that they consider a debt management program and talk to a debt counselor who can showcase the various options for repayment. Origin SC provides an excellent service at a fair price.  Working with my counselor was great. She was very responsive and answered all of my questions quickly and effectively. I would highly recommend her as a counselor to others.”

Sally's Story

 “I was having financial hardship and needed to revamp my household budgeting.” This is the reason that Sally first reached out to Origin for help.

 She says that while she was in the program something valuable that she learned was how to “monitor my household budgeting verses all income.” Once Sally began doing this she said that she started to “notice positive changes immediately.”

“The counselors were very informative, courteous and friendly. My life has changed for the better due to being able handle unexpected expenses.” She says the program has helped her to “save a good amount of money on expenses and set a small savings fund for small emergencies.” 

Her advice for anyone struggling with debt is to seek professional guidance and not just to handle it on your own.


Written by Lindsey Jenkins