Monday, November 9, 2015

Making Your Dreams a Reality: Let CARES Work for You

Complete Action Real Estate Services (CARES)…..They are not interested in finding you a house … they are interested in finding you a place to call home.

I like to see the home buying process in a similar light as learning how to swim in the ocean for the first time. It is all uncharted territory at first, a whole new realm where most of what you have learned doesn’t even apply. Did I mention that a number of creatures, some of them predators, lurk beneath the surface that we can’t even see? In a sense, you are very vulnerable because you are not even aware of the potential harm or the potential beauty that is hidden beneath.

You can think of the CARES agents much like your swimming coaches. These agents are aware of the potential expenses or “dangers” that can go unnoticed or are “hidden beneath” of which most people are just simply unaware.

First, they can protect you from potential unperceived costs. They know what to look for and what types of questions a buyer should ask themselves before and when walking through a home. They also have a keen eye for the gem that is undiscovered.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is a timeless quote that I’m sure everyone has at least heard once in their life. Debbie Kidd and Brad Kidd, two agents that work at CARES, really bring this quote to life. Debbie, in one of her many roles, rehabilitates houses! With the help of Brad, she searches for homes that no one in their right mind would even think twice about buying. You know, the house on the street that you purposely look away from, or maybe you speed up as you pass by because the burnt orange window shutters sting the eye a bit. Brad explains there are certain characteristics he looks for when investing in a house to rehabilitate, “we look for the forgotten homes, often from the ‘70's, shag carpet and wood paneling.” Yes, they buy these houses, these diamonds in the rough, these houses just waiting; because they have a vision.
4334 Bream Road

So what does “rehabilitate” or “rehab” actually mean? In this case, it means to gut the entire house and put it back together.  Brad said, “It truly depends on what is needed…new kitchens, new bathrooms, maybe new floors.”

4334 Bream Road
Debbie and Brad are big on open concepts, and open concepts equal open space. Knocking down walls to achieve this open space concept is not uncommon for them. Sounds easy right? So why aren’t more people doing this? Brad explained that these houses are actually hard to find.  Sometimes clients find these homes themselves because they are already looking for a fixer upper, and can’t afford the $200,000 house. In these situations, the agents look at the house and determine if they can invest in the house. In fact, if you go through the first time home buyer process with CARES, you will only need $1300 out of pocket for the whole process, including closing on a home. This is almost unheard of in the home buying process. 

CARES is a wholly owned, for-profit subsidiary of Family Services, Inc. CARES acts as a foundation of support to home buyers and sellers. The agents at CARES have a tight grip on the seemingly endless and obscure details that surround the completion of real estate transactions. This gives them the ability to represent buyers and sellers in the Tri-County area with the highest standards of knowledge, support, and assistance.
CARES does not focus on commission and the 25-plus years’ experience and knowledge that the agents have truly make the services offered at CARES unique. Their roots in the nonprofit sector and partnerships in the community help to generate business so they are able to help you move into a home.

4334 Bream Road

These photographs are taken of a home on Bream Road in North Charleston. If you are interested in seeing more of this beautiful home please contact the agents listed below. Click here to visit the CARES website for more information and photographs.  

If you would like to speak with a CARES agent directly about owning your dream home, please contact
Debbie Kidd at 843.276.8744 or Debbie@caresrealestate.com, or 
Brad Kidd at 843.276.8282 or Brad@caresrealestate.com.

By: Lindsey Jenkins