Friday, May 31, 2013

Making Ends Meet: Budgeting made easy!

Forget penny-pinching, unless you enjoy that. We like to make budgeting fun. Making minor adjustments to your financial behavior can make a world of difference.

Start with a WARM-UP. No one ever begins an exercise routine with a marathon. Pledge a few minutes a day for a week to get organized. Gather those bills and sort them into piles. Maybe even create a calendar with bill due dates. If you are “techy,” try a Google calendar with reminder emails.

Time to ASSESS. The next week, use that same few minutes a day to check in on your financial health. Look up your credit score on annualcreditreport.com (nowhere else, please!), check your bank account balances, and review your retirement plan.

Now... PLAN with a purpose! Choose a goal that would change your life in the short-term. Maybe you want to switch careers, go back to school, maybe BUY A HOUSE?!

STRATEGIZE. Break that goal into smaller pieces. Once you accomplish it,
move on to the next goal!

And, if you decide that buying a home may be one of your upcoming life goals, be sure to contact us!We can assist you in credit improvement, budgeting, debt management, and homebuyer education.

Call to learn more or to schedule an appointment at 843.735.7862 or email info@fsisc.org.

Written by: Jenna Johnson, Marketing and Development Director at Family Services, Inc.